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Analysis: Egyptians Vote on New Constitution

Egypt’s military is on high alert ahead of the referendum on the country’s new constitution. The vote starts this week. The military have banned the Muslin Brotherhood and arrested many activists in eh months before the referendum. So this is now the military backed government’s attempt to legitimize its coup against President Mohammed Morsi last summer.

Partial results from ex-pat Egyptians around the world have revealed a turnout that has slumped to 40 percent of the figure for the last constitutional referendum under President Morsi. But the votes are running very heavily in favour of the new constitution.

The opposition in Egypt has been divided over how to respond: some, like the Muslim Brotherhood, are boycotting the vote, others are urging a no vote.

This is the first of two parts where the guests will be discussing whether or not the results of this referendum represent the views of the Egyptian people.

Joining presenter John Rees in the studio are Anthony Dworkin, senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, Mohamed Soudan, UK Spokesperson for the Freedom and Justice Party, Dr Carool Kersten, Senior Lecturer in the Study of Islam & the Muslim World at King’s College London and Tamar Bahgat, Egyptian lawyer, specialising in constitutional law. On Skype they are joined from Cairo by Fikry Nabil of the Strong Egypt party.

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