Saturday , 29 April 2017
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Will new union chief give Egypt more control over press?

Egypt’s media is often in the news itself as it has faced one government crackdown after another over the years. The idea of a free press in Egypt is often seen as a paradox. The recently elected president of the Egyptian Journalists’ Union, who is affiliated with the regime, now faces the thorny task …

How Sisi is destabilising Egypt

Since 2013, Egypt’s new authoritarian government has systematically widened its repression of the opposition to targets beyond the Islamist spectrum.

Press Syndicate demands investigations into security violations

In its first official statement since the election of its new president, the Press Syndicate—now led by Abdel Mohsen Salama—announced Sunday that it demands investigations into the violations committed by the Ministry of Interior when it stormed the syndicate on 1 May 2016.

Urgent meeting at Journalists Syndicate to tackle prison sentence against former chief, others

The Journalists Syndicate held on Sunday an urgent meeting to mull the trade union and legal measures that should be taken after issuance of the suspended one-year sentence against former Syndicate Chief Yehia Qallash; syndicate secretary Gamal abdel Rehim; and former Head of the Freedoms Committee at the syndicate Khaled …