Wednesday , 28 June 2017
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Egypt: Morsy’s Isolation Violates Rights

Egyptian authorities have unlawfully prevented former President Mohamed Morsy from contacting or receiving visits from his family and lawyers in the years since the military forcibly removed him from power in July 2013, Human Rights Watch said today. On June 4, 2017, Egyptian authorities allowed Morsy to receive visits from …

Egypt: Intensifying Repression of Basic Freedoms

Egyptian authorities in recent weeks have arrested at least 50 peaceful political activists, blocked at least 62 websites, and opened a criminal prosecution against a former presidential candidate, Human Rights Watch said today. The actions are further closing any remaining space for free expression.

Staff of blocked news outlets threaten to protest at Press Syndicate

A number of staff from local media outlets whose websites were blocked in Egypt held a meeting at Al-Bedaiah newspaper headquarters Tuesday to decide on how to escalate against the measures taken by an anonymous state authority to block online access to 21 local and Arab news websites.