Friday , 18 August 2017
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4 militants killed in different security operations: police

Four militants have been reportedly killed in different clashes in Qaliubiya and Farafra in police operations, according to the Ministry of Interior. In Qaliubiya, the ministry said in a statement that the militants killed were members of the Hasm group and that they participated in an assassination operation against National …

Impunity in Egypt reflects dark legacy of Rabaa Massacre

The massacre of over 1,000 people by Egyptian security forces at Cairo’s Rabaa Square in 2013 marked a dark defining point for human rights in Egypt. It also marked the start of a vacuum in justice leading to unchecked state violence ever since.

After Rabaa: It’s time the West stopped backing massacres in Egypt

Four years ago today 1,000 Egyptians were slaughtered in the square outside the Rabaa mosque where they had gathered in support of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.