Friday , 28 July 2017
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Government on defence in Tiran and Sanafir parliament discussion

Parliament continues for the second day its discussions over the destiny of the Egyptian-Saudi maritime demarcation in order to hear additional comments and views of experts.

Sectarian violence renewed in Minya as Christians brace for Easter celebrations

A group of residents from Koum al-Loufy, Minya, threw stones at Coptic Christians after Maundy Thursday prayers, an eyewitness told Mada Masr on Friday.

Are Egypt’s anti-terror efforts ‘shackled’ by law?

The Egyptian government has set its mind on finding a new legislation that would accelerate litigation procedures in terrorism crimes to a very tight timeline, with 30 days maximum as the government’s decisive measure to combat terrorism. However, it opens the door for exceptional procedures and widening the circle of …

Parliament to amend constitution for military courts jurisdiction over terrorism

Members of the House of Representatives (parliament) in Egypt on Monday demanded the amendment of the constitution to grant military prosecution jurisdiction over terrorism cases.

One, two, three, four media laws: How media legislation in Egypt is staging state control

Parliament’s media and culture committee passed a bill regarding the formation of media regulators on Monday. While a unified media law has long been anticipated in Parliament following several rounds of drafting, amendments by the government and a specialized media committee, the bill has seemingly been divided into several parts, causing …

Illegal migration bill awaiting parliamentary debate since June: minister

A bill on illegal immigration was referred to Egypt’s Parliament in June and is still awaiting consideration by MPs, having already been reviewed by the Cabinet and the State Council, according to Magdy al-Agaty, the minister of state for legal and parliamentary affairs.

Egypt: Compensate Victims of Mass Killings

Egypt’s parliament should pass a transitional justice law establishing a new, impartial investigation into the mass killings of protesters in 2013, that will lead to accountability and fair compensation for victims’ families. The constitution requires parliament to pass such a law during its first session, which will probably end in …

What makes Egypt’s budget so controversial?

Budgets rarely please everyone, but opponents are challenging Egypt’s recently passed spending plan. The Egyptian parliament approved the country’s 2016-17 general budget June 29 despite accusations that the legislation violates the constitution and contains figures that are not feasible.