Tuesday , 19 September 2017

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Sudanese Politician: Halayeb will return to us and the Egyptian government contradicts itself

Rabi Abd Al-Ati, the leader in the Sudanese ruling party the National Congress Party has criticized the Egyptian government’s decision to allocate about 60 million US dollars to the development and reconstruction of the Halayeb triangle, Thursday.

Egypt: an obsession with the state

Ever since the 2011 eruption, the protest movement has vehemently attempted to refute the accusation that its goal is to tear down the state. This accusation continued from 2011, reaching its height with the coup of 2013, where all forms of protest were categorized as attempts to trigger a process …

40 civilians referred to military trial in Minya

Forty people were referred to military court in the southern city of Minya, 25 of whom are to be tried in absentia, according to comments Khalid al-Komy, the defendants’ lawyer, gave to al-Masry al-Youm. The first court session is scheduled for August 8, the military prosecution announced on Thursday.