Saturday , 29 April 2017

Recent News

Sisi’s NATO-like pan-Arab force would fail

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt has been calling for an Arab joint military force for some time now. Ostensibly, such a force would be designed to combat the threat of “terrorism” from Islamist groups, and to provide support to specific factions in the conflicts raging in Libya and Yemen.

France supports Cairo militarily to confront terrorists, immigrants: Foreign Affairs

France eyes Egypt as an important military partner to counter the threats of terrorist groups against the Mediterranean trade movement, as well as to tackle the crisis of immigrants, Foreign Affairs journal said.

Banned from travelling to receive award, Nazra’s director granted Alternative Nobel Prize

Amid sanctions imposed by Egyptian authorities, Nazra for Feminist Studies and its director, Mozn Hassan, were awarded the Right Livelihood Award—usually referred to as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”—in a large ceremony held by Right Livelihood Foundation in Cairo on Saturday night.

Urgent meeting at Journalists Syndicate to tackle prison sentence against former chief, others

The Journalists Syndicate held on Sunday an urgent meeting to mull the trade union and legal measures that should be taken after issuance of the suspended one-year sentence against former Syndicate Chief Yehia Qallash; syndicate secretary Gamal abdel Rehim; and former Head of the Freedoms Committee at the syndicate Khaled …