Thursday , 27 July 2017
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US officials discussing withholding some aid to Egypt over NGO law

US officials are discussing whether to withhold a portion of US assistance to Egypt to protest Egyptian passage of a law that imposes restrictions on non-governmental organisations, a senior administration official said on Wednesday.

Feeding Social Stability in Egypt

This Ramadan, the Egyptian army is charitably distributing millions of food boxes in poor urban and rural areas across the country. Conscripted soldiers from various military branches pack food items including sugar, rice, beans, pasta, cooking oil, tomato paste, and tea in boxes that each carries the label of the …

Military Production minister calls on private sector to boost cooperation with ministry

Minister of Military Production Mohamed al-Assar called on the private sector, the business community and investors to communicate with the ministry in order for all to take advantage of the available capabilities in a way that would flow into the interests of Egypt’s economy and achieve integrity between the government …