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Conciliation attempt between State Council and Parliament over Judicial Authority bill

In the wake of a clear refusal of the Judicial Authority bill, currently under discussion by the Parliament, the Member of the Parliament’s (MP) legislative committee, Mostafa Bakry, asserted that attempts are underway to reach compromise between the State Council and the Parliament.

State Council urges Sisi to block presidential appointment of judicial posts

The crisis over the law on judicial authorities’ appointments continues as over 600 State Council judges rejected the bill recently passed by Parliament, which allows the president of the republic to designate judicial heads.

Court of Urgent Matters rules in favor of Tiran and Sanafir agreement, lawyers say court has no jurisdiction

A January ruling that rejected the government’s controversial plan to transfer Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia has been annulled.

Parliamentary committee approves judicial appointment bill in surprise move

Parliament’s Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee has approved a bill which grants the president powers to appoint Egypt’s top judicial posts. The decision, which affects all judicial branches, has been decried as a blow to the independence of the judiciary.

Will the Tiran and Sanafir dispute reach international courts?

After the Supreme Administrative Court’s decision on Monday affirming Egypt’s sovereignty over the two Red Sea islands Tiran and Sanafir, many have speculated that the Saudi Arabian government will resort to The International Court of Justice (ICJ) to claim its ownership of the two islands.

Administrative Court rejects government appeal against nullifying Red Sea islands deal

The Administrative Court rejected the government’s appeal against its previous verdict which had nullified the Egyptian-Saudi maritime demarcation deal. The deal had sought transferring the sovereignty of the Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia.

Egypt’s parliament, judiciary face off against each other

The 2014 Egyptian Constitution guarantees the independence of the judiciary and protects it from the interference of any other authority. And, according to Article 184, “The judiciary is independent. It is vested in the courts of justice of different types and degrees, which issue their judgments in accordance with the …

Wafd Party calls for ‘indefinite postponement’ of Red Sea islands parliamentary discussion

Wafd Party called on the parliament to postpone the discussions of Tiran and Sanafir agreement indefinitely, saying it is best to maintain unity among national powers and avoid disagreements during the “sensitive stage that Egypt is going through”.

Constitutional Court postpones government appeal against annulment of Red Sea’s Islands agreement to 12 February

The Commissioners Authority of the Constitutional Court postponed on Sunday viewing another appeal by the state against a previous court declaration that ruled on the annulment of the Egyptian-Saudi maritime demarcation agreement to 12 February.