Friday , 28 July 2017
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Egypt sets up national council to fight terrorism

Egypt established a national council for combating terrorism today, giving it broad authority to set policies aimed at “fighting extremism”, a presidential decree stated.

US senators, Amnesty criticise Egypt’s recently approved NGO law

US Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham criticised the recent approval of Egypt’s contentious NGO law, deeming it “draconian legislation” that seeks to regulate the work of nongovernmental organizations, in a statement on Wednesday.

Sisi approves NGO law over 6 months after it receives Parliament’s approval

Egypt’s contentious NGO law was approved by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and published in the Official Gazette on Monday. The law will go into effect on Tuesday, May 30, over six months after it was approved by Parliament in November 2016.

Wife of a former Egyptian prime minister ‘involved in torturing orphans’

Egyptian prosecutors have summoned Dr. Najd Mohammed Khamis, the wife of former Egyptian Prime Minister Atef Ebeid, for questioning as they investigate allegations she tortured orphans at a residential care owned by her association.

Court calls on Interior Ministry to pursue HRW for ‘illegal’ operation in Egypt

An Egyptian court called for the Interior Ministry to legally pursue the New York-based Human Rights Watch organization for not having state clearance to operate in Egypt, despite the international NGO not having an office or any full-time staff in the country.

Egyptian government ‘increases human rights violations’ under Trump

In its latest clampdown on civil society, the Egyptian regime has launched a new crackdown on civil organisations by prosecuting human rights organisations under the guise of fraud and money laundering.

MP Al-Sadat goes to prosecution as problems with parliament escalate

The crisis between member of parliament (MP) Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat and the parliament continues to escalate, following state media reports that the parliament’s disciplinary committee has approved a proposal suggesting Al-Sadat’s parliamentary membership to be revoked.