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Egypt-Israel relations ‘at highest level’ in history

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first time in public on Tuesday. The meeting came ahead of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, in what Egypt said was part of an effort to revive the Palestinian-Israeli diplomatic talks.

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Rafah under fire: Closed roads, a communications blackout and shortages of basic necessities

“The city is on the brink of a food and medicine crisis … store shelves are laden with dust instead of food and other basic products. This is in addition to the complete electricity blackout and shortage in cooking gas cylinders, which, when found, are sold at exorbitant prices,” Ibrahim …

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Al-Azhar and the Battle of Ideas against Extremist Islamism

The subject of extremist Islamism, and refuting it, remains a live one—and it is unlikely that it will change anytime soon. If there is ever a comprehensive and thorough response to extremist Islamism, it will have to take on board the need to deconstruct religious arguments from within religion.

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How Sinai Province’s persistent attempts to penetrate Cairo have failed

In the wake of raids by security forces that targeted an alleged IS militant stationing point in the Ard El Lewaa suburb of Giza on Sunday, many questions have been raised about the presence of the group in Egypt’s capital Cairo and other mainland cities.

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Sisi: Egyptian economy rises in spite of ‘terrorism war’ costs

President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi stated, on Monday, that Egypt has been dealing with its economic crisis, in spite of increased costs in the field of anti-terrorism. The country adopted a national strategic plan for 2030, following the same linear plan as the development agenda for 2030 and the Africa agenda …

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