Sunday , 24 September 2017
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Western media dead set on conveying gloomy picture of Egypt: Foreign Ministry spokesperson

An article attacking western media outlet’s coverage of Egypt’s internal affairs, written in English by the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, was published on Sunday on the ministry’s official Facebook page.

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What’s behind controversial new initiative from Egyptian Islamist group?

The Building and Development Party, the political wing of Gamaa Islamiya, launched the Save Sinai Initiative on April 22. The initiative was designed to halt violence in the Sinai Peninsula and was announced just before Sinai Liberation Day, which is celebrated every year on April 25.

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The Heavy Civilian Toll in Sinai

As the Egyptian military struggles to contain the Islamic State (IS) affiliate in Sinai, Wilayat Sinai, its already forceful response is becoming more heavy-handed. Increased reliance on heavy weaponry and air power is contributing to a rise in civilian causalities and inflaming anti-government sentiment.

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