Friday , 28 April 2017
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Hassm expands armed operations from Sinai into Nile Delta

The armed Islamist Hassm (Determination) movement has claimed responsibility for a Sunday explosion that occurred in the town of Bahtim located in Nile Delta governorate of Qalyubiya. Whilte it is known that blast targeted a security patrol, the extent of the explosion, its material damage and whether there were any casualties …

Interior ministry arrests eight leading MB figures

The Ministry of Interior released on Friday a statement that explained details of a police raid that targeted suspects allegedly affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, who were reportedly involved in the execution and planning of military operations against state institutions in Cairo.

Police kills militants during raid on their cell

Police forces on Friday killed four militants during a security operation that aimed at arresting them. According to a statement issued on the Ministry of Interior’s Facebook page, they were attacked during a meeting in Giza governorate where they planned to carry out terrorist attacks.

Giza Criminal Court hands death penalty to 2 members of Al-Warraq terrorist cell

The Giza Criminal Court sentenced two defendants from the Al-Warraq terrorist cell to death on Wednesday. Two other members were sentenced to five years in prison and one defendant was acquitted of all charges. All of the defendants faced charges of targeting police officers, public institutions, and killing non-commissioned police …

176 defendants in Province of Sinai case referred to military trial

Egypt’s military prosecutor referred 176 alleged members of the Province of Sinai to military court on Tuesday, charging them with espionage and belonging to an illegal and unconstitutional group that aims to obstruct state institutions.