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Fearing Attacks, Key Sinai Peninsula Gateway Remains Closed for Israelis

The Taba checkpoint, an important gateway in the Sinai Peninsula between Israel and Egypt, will remain closed to Israelis until further notice, according to Tel Aviv.

Israel’s High Court of Justice on Sunday rejected a legal petition to mandate that the Israeli government reopen the popular crossing point after it was shut by Jerusalem on April 10 due to fears of terrorist activities in the region.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the safety of the Sinai Peninsula border closing will be reassessed after security considerations are deliberated by the National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau, which made its announcement to extend the closure on Tuesday.

On April 10, the office of the Israeli prime minister released a statement detailing that the crossing would be closed until at least April 18, due to what was referred to as “intensifying activities” of Daesh-related terrorist factions on the Sinai Peninsula, as reported by

Earlier government warnings from Jerusalem urged Israelis and those traveling on an Israeli passport to leave the Sinai Peninsula.

Many Israeli holiday travelers ignored the warning, however, prompting authorities to close the border.

Following Tuesday’s extension of the original April 10-18 Taba checkpoint shutdown, Israel intimated that it would reassess the closure regularly, and alert citizens to current developments.


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